Adjectives and adverbs

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Adjectives and adverbs

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Do you like fashion? Is being fashionable important to you - or do you hate dressing fashionably? Join Finn and Alice as they discuss adjectives and adverbs. Learn some fashion-related vocabulary and see if you can get top marks in our quiz.

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Finn Hello and welcome to 6 Minute Vocabulary - the show that teaches you how to study vocabulary. I’m Finn…

Alice And I’m Alice. Hello. Today’s show is all about fashion.

Finn Ahh, fashion. What to wear…

Alice And what not to wear. And today we’re going to listen to some people talking about what to wear to a social occasion…

Finn And we’ll look at a very important area of vocabulary: the difference between adjectives and adverbs.

Alice We’ll have a quiz to test what we’ve learnt…

Finn And we’ll give you a top tip to help you learn more vocabulary.

Alice So let’s get started - with a conversation. Mike and Sarah are getting ready to go to a party, but they have very different ideas about what Mike should wear.

Finn While you listen, try to answer this question. What does Mike wear to the party?

Alice Let’s find out.

INSERT Sarah You’re not seriously going to the party dressed like that! You’ll be the most scruffily-dressed man there.

Mike The invitation said casual, so I’m dressing casually: jeans and a T-shirt. What’s wrong with that?

Sarah It’s too scruffy: the invitation said smart-casual. You need to wear something much smarter, Mike.

Mike What, a suit?

Sarah No, that’s too formal - it’s not a job interview. Just wear a nice fashionable shirt.

Mike But I hate fashion. I can’t dress fashionably. I’m the most unfashionable person I know.

Sarah Well, you’ll be the only one in a T-shirt.

Mike OK, you win. I’ll wear my black shirt and the smart shoes. But I’m still wearing my jeans.

Sarah If you must.

Finn So, did you hear what Mike wore to the party in the end?

Alice He wore a black shirt, jeans, and his smart shoes.

Finn Well done if you got that right. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the fashion-related vocabulary we heard there - starting with some of the adjectives.

Alice Yes and of course adjectives are words which describe nouns, and there were lots of adjectives describing people and their clothes. Sarah thinks Mike is scruffy.

Finn Which means not neat or clean.

Alice But Mike wants to be casual.

Finn Informal and comfortable.

Alice She thinks he should be smart.

Finn Nice and stylish.

Alice But not too formal.

Finn Old-fashioned and serious.

Alice And she wants him to wear something fashionable.

Finn New and stylish.

Alice Now, we can change these words into adverbs - words that describe verbs. And Mike and Sarah used lots of adverbs to describe the way people dress. We heard: scruffily , casually , smartly , formally and fashionably.

Finn And because they are adverbs, they all end in the letters ‘l-y’. Here are some clips from the conversation. Listen out for adverbs which describe the verb dress.

You’ll be the most scruffily-dressed man there.

So I’m dressing casually. Jeans and a T-shirt.

I can’t dress fashionably.

IDENT You’re listening to

Alice And coming up soon is our vocabulary quiz: but first, let’s have a quick recap of today’s fashion-related vocabulary.

Finn First we had some adjectives.

Alice Scruffy, casual, smart, formal, fashionable.

Finn And then we looked at some adverbs.

Alice Scruffily, casually, smartly, formally, fashionably.

Finn And now: it’s quiz time. All you have to do is finish the sentences with words from today’s programme. There are two sentences, each with three choices. So, are we ready? Number 1: Everyone is wearing tight jeans this year - they are really : a) fashion b) fashionable c) fashionably.

Alice The answer is: b) fashionable.

Finn That’s right. Now, question 2. I had a job interview yesterday, so I dressed very : a) formally b) scruffy c) formal.

Alice It’s: a) formally.

Finn That’s right.

Alice I hope you got that at home. And that brings us to the end of today’s show, so we’ll leave you with today’s top tip for learning vocabulary, which is, Finn…

Finn To help you remember how to use adjectives and adverbs, it’s a really good idea to write down example sentences.

Alice That’s right. Example sentences will help you use words more accurately than if you just note down the word with a translation.

Finn And there’s more about this on Join us again for more 6 Minute Vocabulary.

Both Bye!

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