Just, already and yet with the present perfect tense

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Just, already and yet with the present perfect tense

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Finn and Alice present this edition of 6 Minute Grammar, but they keep getting interrupted by phone calls from Alices friend Hamish. Thankfully, in his phone calls he uses a lot of the language were studying in this session - the present perfect with just, already and yet.

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Finn Hello again. Welcome to 6 Minute Grammar with me, Finn.

Alice And me, Alice. Hello.

Finn Today’s programme is all about the present perfect tense…

Alice …and how to use it with the words just , already and yet .

Finn That’s right, and there’ll be a quiz for you at the end to see how much you remember.

Alice Yes. So let’s get started! Now, the present perfect with just … [sound of mobile phone ringing] Oh, hold on… Sorry.

Hamish (on the phone)
Hey Alice. It ‘s Hamish, yeah, I’m here! I’ve just arrived at Kings Cross Station.

Alice Oh…King’s Cross… King’s Cross here? In London?

Hamish (on the phone) Yeah, London town. Here I am! My train got in an hour ago. I’ve already visited Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square…

Alice What, already?

Hamish (on the phone) Yeah, but I haven’t been on the London Eye yet. I want to go there next. Can you meet me in there in 10 minutes?

Alice (To Hamish) Sorry Hamish, we’ve just started the programme… (To Finn) Sorry about that…

Finn Don’t worry, Alice, those were great examples of the present perfect with just , already and yet ! And here ‘s Catherine, hello…

Catherine Hello.

Finn …to repeat those examples for us. Catherine.

Catherine I’ve just arrived at Kings Cross Station.

I’ve already visited Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

But I haven’t been on the London Eye yet.

Finn Now, you may have spotted that the sentences with just and already are positive, but the sentence with yet is negative.

Alice Yes: we use just and already mainly in positive sentences.

Finn And yet in negative sentences, and in questions.

Alice Ok. Now let’s look at some other differences between just , already and yet .

Finn First: we use just with the present perfect for something that happened only a short time ago - Hamish has just phoned . He ‘s just arrived in London.

Alice And I ‘ve just told him to call back later.

Finn Now we use already with the present perfect when an action has happened before now - or before we expected it to happen.

Alice Yes, Hamish has already been to Buckingham Palace!

Now let’s look at word order. Both just and already come between the auxiliary and the past participle. Catherine, can we have some examples again, please:

Catherine Hamish has just phoned.

He’s already visited Buckingham Palace.

Alice Thanks Catherine.

Hamish (on the phone) Hey Alice, it’s me - Hamish - again. So…

Alice I’m sorry, Hamish. I’ve already told you. I’m doing 6 Minute Grammar. I’ll call you in a few minutes.

Finn Great! Another example of already , Alice! I ‘ve already told you .

Hamish (on the phone) (can’t hear what he says)

Alice Have I finished yet? No, sorry, we haven’t finished yet. Bye…

Finn Hamish?

Alice Hamish again… Aha! He asked: “Have you finished yet?”

Finn And you said: “We haven ‘t finished yet.”

Alice Yes, yet with present perfect. We use yet to ask if something has happened before now - or to say something has not happened up to now.

Finn So: that’s yet for negative sentences or questions with the present perfect. And yet always comes at the end of the sentence. By the way, Alice, we haven ‘t explained how to form the present perfect yet.

Alice You’re right, Finn. So, we make the present perfect with the subject plus have, has, haven ‘t, hasn’t and the past participle.

Finn Remember, we put just and already between have or has and the past participle .

Alice And we put yet at the end of a negative sentence or question.

IDENT You’re listening to BBC Learning English.

Hamish (on the phone) (can’t hear what he says)

Finn Hamish?

Alice Hamish. He’s in reception.

Finn Has he got here already ? That was quick.

Alice So, sometimes we can put already at the end of a question to show surprise.

Finn I think it’s time for a quiz now! Number one. I’m going to say a sentence and you have to fill in the gap. Here goes. I haven’t seen Spiderman 2 .

Alice It’s I haven’t seen Spiderman 2 yet . Because you haven ‘t seen the film before now.

Finn Correct. Number 2: Hamish has only been in London for one hour and he’s been to Trafalgar Square.

Alice It’s already . Because we are stressing the fact that he ‘s done something before we expected it.

Finn Great. Now, question 3. [Phone rings] Your phone has rung.

Alice Just .

Finn No, really, your phone has just rung. Pass me the phone, Alice… Hamish, Alice has just told you that we haven’t finished yet !…. Oh, oh, sorry …

Alice What’s the matter?

Finn It’s not Hamish - it’s your mum!

Alice Finn! Never mind. There’s more about this on our website at bbclearningenglish.com. Join us again for more 6 Minute Grammar.

All Bye.

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