Stop Saying "Idiot"

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Stop Saying "Idiot"

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Stop Saying “Idiot” - Use These Words Instead!

You know those times when you meet someone and you’re like, oh my your stupidity hurts my brain. I feel like you’re making me stupid. Just listening to you and you want to call them an idiot. Well depending on if you want to be traditional and formal or if you want to be really informal and direct or if you’re looking for that perfect expression to call someone an idiot. There are loads of ways to do that. let’s learn some new ways to call someone an idiot.

Adjectives describing words you want to say you are stupid. Let’s look at other words for stupid. you are brainless. Your mindless. you’re so dumb. Or your thick. Thick is more of a British word. Americans don’t really say thick in this context to say someone stupid. Bing Bing bong. Now, of course when you say that someone is stupid it’s not going to be polite. but there are more formal traditional ways of saying that and there are more informal more direct stronger ways to say you really stupid. Me, you’re really stupid. Me, starting here these are the more traditional. The more old-fashioned ways of saying you are an idiot.

Remember these are nouns. So, you are a or an one of these. Let’s start with buffoon. buffoon implies you are so stupid. That it makes me laugh. For example, we all have that one stupid friend who says or does something stupid all the time and it makes you laugh. that person you can say is a buffoon. These next to refer to intelligence wit that’s your intelligence. So, half-wit implies you have half the intelligence nitwit also very old-fashioned. you might not hear it often. But, you will hear it dunce is talking about someone who never learns is that stupid person in school. Nincompoop is very fun to say. But, you won’t hear it very often these days. Which is sad. Say it with me. nincompoop. nincompoop.

The next word is so traditional and old-fashioned that it comes from Latin and we still use it. Ignoramus. Just means you’re ignorant and stupid you’re an ignoramus and finally fool this is the word I most commonly hear from students. But, these days it’s really not that common to hear or say the word fool. I would recommend a different word. I would recommend something more modern. Let’s have a look at those they’re more modern than informal.

Because all of these words they’re not very polite. Bing Bing bong. they have a more modern feel to them and again they’re kind of funny to say. Starting with doofus. This is what every older sister said to their younger brother. You’re a doofus this one’s really fun in it’s kind of childish to call someone a doofus. But, that means it’s really fun to say. The next one dope. you’re a dope. the next to nob and twat. I’m laughing. because, it’s immature to say them. But, again it’s fun these two are both very British ways of calling someone stupid a knob is a penis a twat is a vagina. But, when you want to call someone stupid. These are great words to call someone. I hate the way Americans pronounce this. They do have this word. But, they say twat. all right, I hate the way they pronounce that word. There’s no Owen it’s twat. twat.

The next one dummy. Of course comes from the adjective. Dumb it’s the noun of dumb. if you call someone a that’s quite strong. So, be careful when you use that. The next one moron. It’s, I love this word. It’s such a strong way of saying you’re an idiot. But, it’s not considered a swear word. You’re a moron and the last one its pronunciation depends on if you want American English pronunciation or British English pronunciation.

Damn ass is the American one dumbass that’s the British one and of course we need expressions to use Bing Bing bong. Bong Bing Bing. If you say someone is a sandwich short of a picnic, we means that they are not complete in their. So, they’re not intelligent. It can also mean that they’re a bit crazy. That they’re not completely stable. Which I think in this case, yeah both of them are play perfectly. He’s a sandwich short of a picnic. And lastly this one is very strong. it’s very insulting. So do be careful where you use it. You have shit-for-brains. It’s a good one to use. But, again it’s very, very strong. You’ve got shit-for-brains mate. Yeah, use it. So, in the comments try to translate some expressions from your language. What would they be in English? Do you have anything similar let me know.

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