Game of Thrones Accents Tutorial

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Game of Thrones Accents Tutorial

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Game of Thrones Accents Tutorial

My name… is Jon Snow Other northerners who have this accent are: and the other northerners which include Eddard Stark but none of the other Starks Not Arya, not Sansa, not Bran which is weird! Robb Stark has a mixed accent between the North and the South It’s not super strong either way Theon Greyjoy does speak with some aspects of the Northern accent but I won’t include him as a full northerner because his accent isn’t super strong either way.

So how do you speak like a northerner? Well first we need to change some sounds For example: The sound “Uh” is represented by this symbol Now we can see examples of this sound in words like: it’s that “Uh” sound In the northern accent the /ʌ/ sound changes to an “…” sound So “Up” becomes: We all know the famous motto: “Winter is coming” but knowing that the /ʌ/ sound in “Coming” sounds more like an This would, in a Northern accent sound like Also notice that there is R linking there There is one major difference which separates separates.

Northern English accents to Southern English accents that’s what we call the trap bar split or the trap bar split and that is where for example a southerner might say master northerners would say so that long our sound is replaced by a shorter ah sound you are the bastard though the busters in low that’s me give you some advice bastard the hell do you know about being a busted.

other words that this applies to would be in southern English bath in northern English buff laugh laughs chance chance pass pass command command and whereas others would say Castle black northerners would say Castle black and we learned something very interesting you know nothing Jon Snow.

this one this symbol represents the O sound there are two words in her famous line that have the Oh sound no and snow so listen to how they sound you know nothing Jon Snow so the O sound is replaced with an or sound which is similar to this out Noor and then we add a bit of drama to it nor nothing becomes nothing Jon Snow the Khans Jon Snow you know nothing.

so if an old sound changes to more of an ore sound how do all sounds sound well we have to look at words like north and sort they have the or sound North sword they change to North sword so let’s have a test read this sentence like a northerner of Westeros or England in the southern English accent.

you’re a funny man in the northern English accent you know funny man there are in funny changes too for funny funny man 2014 also up north is Davos now he doesn’t sound exactly like Jon Snow although he’s from the north his accent in the real world is called a Geordie accent this accent comes from a This accent comes from a place called Newcastle which is a real place in the north of England In the Westeros world it comes from I think just Davos One interesting difference is how they pronounce the T.

Let me give you an example: In a southern English accent we might say “There’s a war to fight” In the Davos accent, the Geordie accent “There’s a war to fight!” Notice how it’s not exactly a glottal T It’s not “War ‘o fight” It’s stopped by the tongue hitting the back of the top teeth There’s a war to fight In fact for most Ts, the tongue stops that sound rather than the teeth Which accent? which voice should I break down next? You tell me! Let me know in the comments, and I’ll include it in a future video Until next time HODOR! Ah that’s sad.

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