Stop Saying "I'm Hungry!"

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Stop Saying "I'm Hungry!"

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Stop Saying “I’m Hungry!”

You know when you have some food and your friends are like this. Hmm can I have some? Oh my god, I will die if you don’t give me that food. I’m hungry. I’m more hungry friends are the worst. here are some ways that you can say I’m hungry. If you’re just a little bit hungry or very hungry [Music]

So what can you say if you’re a little bit hungry? Hmm I’m a bit peckish. Peckish it means you’re a little bit hungry in general. Not for anything specific. you just you want something if someone asks you are you hungry. Do you want some food? and you don’t want a full dinner? But, you want something. Something small. You can say this mmm I can have a nibble and nibble. Nibble that’s a verb in this case. It’s a noun. But, what does it mean think of the way a hamster eats little bites. So, to have a nibble means to have little bites of food. you’re not eating a full meal just something small. If you want to use nibble as a verb in a sentence you could say I don’t think he’s hungry. He’s just nibbling on his food. preposition on

Mmm you know what I fancy some food. Or I really fancy a bite to eat fancy. means you want something. Now, I fancy some pizza. You want it now. it’s very much in the moment. you don’t say, for example, in general I fancy pizza. No it’s not the same as like it means I want it. Now or if you talk about a person I fancy this person. Means you’re attracted to them doesn’t mean you want to eat them. Maybe it does now. if you’re like this if you’re very very hungry. have some really cool words for you. now, of course you’re being dramatic. To starve literally means your body is dying, because you don’t have food and we like to be dramatic. So, I’m starving. I’m starving. say it with me. I’m starving. order two pizzas.

I’m famished. again, famished is just an extreme way of saying I’m hungry. I’m ravenous. this gives you like an animal-like quality a ravenous think of a dog. no not a dog. that’s too cute think of wolves eating something. they just killed or think of a lion eating something. that just killed. because, it’s so hungry. you want to eat like an animal. so, that one is not that common. but, just know it gives you that animal feeling of being hungry like you could just eat the out of anything.

So, we use this one most often this one is the most common if you’re very hungry this one it’s less common. But you’ll still hear it this one even less common. But, you will still hear it. Yeah, this guy he’s very very hungry. Here are some expressions. He can use you’re thinking about one specific food and you really want it. let’s use, let’s use a burger. burgers are good. I could murder a burger. Pronunciation that will link to that with the links our murderer. murderer burger. I could murder a burger.

Craving hankering that means you really want something specific think of like when you’re pregnant and you really want a specific food. You have a craving for something you have a hankering for something. That one is much less common it does sound very American. But it’s really fun to say I already got a hankering for some donuts. The next one I’m dying for you really want something this can be food. For example can we find and dying for some food? But again not only food you can use this for anything that you need you really really need

He was dying for a poo. Now, this guy is a bit different. He was so, so hungry and he ordered lots and lots of food. But, he saw the food he thought I can eat this much. But, in reality he could only eat this much. So, he would say this my eyes are bigger than my belly or my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Stomach is where the food goes. But, belly is a more fun way of saying it. it’s like it’s what kids would say. But, don’t worry if you’re an adult, you can still say it. belly, it’s fine.

Thanks for watching.

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