Workbook - Page 28 - 1

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Workbook - Page 28 - 1

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Workbook - Page 28 - 1

Listen to five short conversations. Tick the right answer.

1) Where did Brenda’s family go on holiday last year? So tell me about your holiday last year. Did you go to Italy again? Now we didn’t. We wanted to. But then my uncle and my aunt decided to come with us and they wanted to see a different country. So where did you go? Well, my parents wanted to go to Spain but my aunt and I wanted to go to Turkey. So we had a long discussion and in the end we went to Turkey. I think we’re going to Spain this year.

2) How many postcards did the man buy? How much for these postcards please? Just a moment. I need to count them, 2 4 6 8 10 12 14. You’ve got 14, yes? That’s right. Do you want anything else? No thanks just the postcards. That’ll be 7 pounds please.

3) What time does Sue’s piano lesson start? Sue, you need to go. It’s time for your piano lesson. I know dad, but there’s lots of time yet. Well, i’m not sure that there is. You need to hurry up. Why? What’s the time now? 3:10. Dad, I’ve got another half an hour before the lesson starts.

4) How far is Jane’s nearest train station? How far is the nearest train station? Are you going on the express train? Yes I am, then you should take a taxi to Linton. It’s about 4 km away. 4 km? Is there nothing nearer? Well, yes, there’s a station only 1 km away, which is my nearest. But the that express trains don’t stop there.

5) What will the weather be like? I hope you have a nice holiday with lots of sunshine. Yes I hope so too. But it isn’t looking good. I listened to the weather report this morning and the forecast is bad. Is it going to be cold? Well it won’t snow. But they say that there will be a lot of rain.

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