Student's Book - Page 22 - 2

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Student's Book - Page 22 - 2

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Student’s Book - Page 22 - 2

Read, listen and answer the questions.

It’s the year 2090 and the world’s a beautiful place. People have lots of free time and many of them spend it in the big parks which you find in every city. They enjoy doing sports activities. Some of these are very different from the activities that we have today. For example, people don’t skateboard any more. Instead they ‘floatboard’ and it’s great fun.

Wow, where are we?

We must be in the future.

Yeah, I think you’re right. It’s seem like we’re in a park in a city somewhere.

How do you know it’s a big city?

Well, look at the monorail. It’s full of people. They must be going somewhere.

These people have cool ways of getting around. Look, there’s someone on the unicycle.

That seems fun.

And that kid on the floating skateboard over there.

Hey, and look out there. Some flying on microlights.

Yes, it’s powered by solar panels.

Amazing. I’d love to do that.

Yeah me too. But I don’t think I could.

Why not? It looks easy.

No it doesn’t. And I’m sure it’s dangerous too if you don’t know how to do it.

Oh, I don’t think so. But hey look. You can hire a jet pack for a day. Let’s do that guys. Come on.

Hello, would you like to hire a jet pack?

Yes, we would.

Is it difficult?

Well, not really. But you need to wear a helmet. Here you are. Three helmets.


Do you know how to fly a jet pack?


Okay, here you go then.

See you guys.

Um, I think I’d like a quick lesson.

Me too.

Okay. But it’s not difficult. Here are the instructions so you can read them carefully. For instance if you press the yellow button, you go up. If you press the blue button, you come down. It’s that easy.


But there’s something you mustn’t forget. It’s very important. If you press the yellow and.

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